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Media Relations

With the right media relations advice, companies can experience enhanced standing, greater shareholder support, increased revenues and attract and retain the best talent. But the complex and ever-changing media landscape is becoming tougher to navigate, which is where we come in the picture.
IPR has a reputation for handling complex media situations in positive circumstances and in times of crisis. Using solid research and analysis, messaging, impeccable industry skills and close media relationships, we can deliver serious results to businesses of all types. Having credible journalists, editors and analysts “pour your Kool-Aid” can mean the difference between success and failure in any industry.

Reputation Management and Crisis Communication

It takes years to build a credible brand/identity and a single event to destroy it. The 24/7 information world we live in makes companies and individuals more vulnerable than ever before - meaning that even for highly recognized brands/companies, not being prepared to deal with a crisis is simply not an option. The almost endless list of blogging sites, social networks and company review sites, such as Angie’s List and Yelp greatly increases the need for reputation management as everyone from competitors to disgruntled customers or employees can quickly damage your brand and reputation with a few key strokes. IPR works diligently with its clients to identify negative, false, or slanderous statements about your company and moves quickly to remediate their effects on your bottom line.

It’s not if your company will encounter a crisis, but when. Crisis communication is part of an overall crisis management plan designed to reduce the potential damage caused by a crisis. Companies and organizations with a plan in place are more likely to respond to a crisis quickly, take immediate steps to control the message and successfully regain the public's trust. A crisis communications plan provides policies and procedures for the coordination of communications within an organization and between the organization, media and public in the event of an emergency or controversial issue.


Business-to-Business Communications

Some of the world’s most valuable brands generate more of their revenues from business customers than consumers. But longer buying cycles, higher costs of sale, intense competition and customers who always want more for less mean B2B sales are getting tougher every day. Effective business-to-business communication helps companies increase channel margin share, ensure customer loyalty and raise awareness with potential new customers.


Social Media

The communications world is already digital – people are online no matter when, where or how. What companies do and say online is having a profound effect on their reputation and brand. Right now, communities are communicating with businesses and brands through consumer-generated or ‘social’ media, driving the transition to a digital world.
Smart companies are already shifting their marketing strategy to include social media - others are playing catch up in order to remain relevant and competitive. Building a community around an issue or brand can be a very effective addition to your communication initiatives. IPR has its “finger” on the social-media pulse. Let us show you how to harness the power of this rapidly evolving landscape.


Public Policy

Companies operating in regulated industries are all too familiar with the red tape, competitive restrictions and politics that come with that territory. IPR understands how legislative issues can affect organizations and their business goals. With proactive communication, they can build trust with policy makers and even help set and shape the agenda. Get it wrong, and they risk being discriminated against, miss out on impacting the course of regulation or even lose their license to operate.


Your Brand

A strong brand is invaluable as the battle for customers gets tougher every day. Your company name, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of them should readily identify the goods and services your organization offers and help differentiate it from its competitors. Your messaging needs to be presented in a compelling and credible manner that lives up to the brand’s potential. IPR works with its clients to clearly define their brand and refines messaging to resonate effectively to all key publics, business units and platforms. Brand goodwill can be increased by supporting charitable causes, strategic philanthropy, community initiatives, sponsorships and consumer events that reassure stakeholders that your brand stands for something, and supports what your customers care about.












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Client Testionial

 “Christian is the most tenacious public relations specialist I have ever met. As a busy news anchor I never got the time to call him back,but he never got offended and he never gave up. He always made sure to get back to me by phone or email to listen to what he had to say bout the latest product on the market. I highly respect him because he stands by his companies, their philosophies, and will stop at nothing to get the word out. If he's working for you, then he believes in you. Put it this way, if I had a business, I'd want him promoting it! Christian knows what it takes to get the media's attention.”

Michelle Valles
Evening news anchor, KXAN – TV
Morning news anchor, KEYE – TV